Szia, it's me, Erika. And now you know how to say hi in Hungarian.
I'm a designer, illustrator, and just a general lover of everything visual. Hungarian-Russian, living in New Zealand halfway from Mt Doom to the Hobbits (no, really). I have studied design in Hungary and Taiwan, I got my BA in Visual Communication and Graphic Design in a French art university. While and after studies I was working for advertising agencies such as Y&R, and as in-house designer for various companies in several countries.
What I like about design is not the tool nor any specific field – it's the whole world around it.
I create visual languages, I create the whole personality. I’m intrigued by the emotional qualities of everything and what I love about visual communication is the ability to bring them into very real items. What do you want your clients to feel when interacting with your product? That’s what I do. I am the one breathing life into an idea.

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